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The Secret To Hooking Scrollers
Into Every Single Post

yes, all of them !

Elevate your message with easy social media templates to grow a high-impact social presence without hiring an expensive designer or spending hours in Canva every month


13 milliseconds

That’s how long you have to convince a pair of eyes that your newly published post is worth reading.

Despite the fact that you likely spent exponentially more time creating the post, it all comes down to those first 13 milliseconds.

Hashtags, caption copywriting, themed profiles, and industry expertise will anchor people to you, but it’s not what draws them in. It’s not what will make them stick around more than those 13 milliseconds.

You know what will?


And it’s not vanity, it’s psychology.

Think about it…

People are busy. And distracted. Appearance provide visual cues that help people make snap decisions to conserve energy and brain power. Good design then, in the form of gorgeous posts, makes that decision for them.

Meaning, you’ll pass the 13 millisecond test when your visuals match the caliber of the words you’re posting.

But since you’ve spent all your minutes and dimes on honing your big message and creating the *content* worthy of a post...

You don’t have any design skills. 

And you also don’t have the time to dink around in design software to teach yourself. 

And you can’t afford to hire a designer 

And don’t want to deal with an additional team member right now (plus onboarding and learning each other’s styles is not what you had in mind when you were building your social media strategy). 

So the question now becomes how do you get people to
read your posts to support your big message?

How will you pass the 13 Millisecond Test?

day after day… post after post...

without wasting hours onboarding a full-time designer

or completely burning out?


We got you!

Wherever you are in the process of growing on Instagram, the good news is that we too have felt these barriers to entry.

We have tried just sticking to creating great content, posting multiple times per day, curating the best hashtags, and building out a full social media avatar... but the growth is minimal at best.

Through a painful process of trial and error in our early days, we discovered a three pillar system called BB3. The system not only made our content nearly pop out of the feed, but made it easy to rinse and repeat our design process to visually hook attention, multiply the shares of each post, and solidify the BossBabe brand early in the game.

It’s the basis of the strategy that has:

Grown our brand to 3 million followers on Instagram

Turned our message into a multi-million dollar business

Allowed us to pass the 13 Millisecond Test consistently for the last 5 years

Averaging over 80K+ new followers per month...we know a few things about Instagram growth.

Using the BB3 System, we’ve found that in order for posts to grab attention you need designs that:

Individually, these designs pull readers into each post, enticing casual scrollers to read every word of your caption.

Together, they weave a powerful brand and curated feed by allowing the influence to build post-by-post with little more than a few minutes spent (instead of hours of DIY or back-and-forth with a designer).

We started teaching this system in our signature course, Insta Growth Accelerator (IGA), and watched as people grew their Instagram significantly faster than simply winging it or relying on "content is queen" alone. Not only that, but by seeing the design process broken down into three types of visual pillars, it frees up your creative brilliance for other money- making tasks and allows for post longevity and shareability resulting in more growth in shorter periods of time.

Hey, i'm natalie , CEO of Bossbabe

I’m a 29-year-old Brit, now living in Los Angeles with my soul mate husband and my ridiculously cute puppy, Nala. I’m a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the multi-million dollar company BossBabe. I’m also an expert in building communities and growing online brands through social media.

Through my own journey of learning how to launch numerous businesses with zero marketing budget, I’ve been able to develop a signature process that helps personal brands and businesses communicate with their audience in a way that accelerates their audience growth and their bottom line.

For the first time ever, I’m releasing the templates that have helped us grow BossBabe to 3M followers and teaching the BB3 system behind our aesthetic success.

No more wondering if your latest post will find traction and meet the right pair of eyes...or get passed over again for a prettier (but less valuable) post.

From now on, you’ll be able to pass the 13 Millisecond Test with ...


  1. Learn how to design viral posts without starting from scratch every time
  2. Entice your audience to engage with a cohesive feed and on-brand aesthetic (even if your profile is a mess right now )
  3. Elevate your expertise with gorgeous social posts that you won’t have to change later ( a must have for working in saturated markets )
  4. Leverage these reusable templates as a way to create sustainable social media growth that you can actually stick with long enough to see results
  5. Discover the confidence you need to courageously show up for your community without limiting yourself because your IG profile feels “not ready”
  6. Give your message the aesthetic it deserves to be seen, shared, and believed without wasting any more time pursuing design credentials
  7. Show off your unique brilliance in a way that makes your content (and inherent genius) stand out and get noticed

Craft a compelling brand experience from your social profile
so that it invites consistent sales into your business

Veronica's audience engagement is skyrocketing while her posts go viral!


"THANK YOU so much for helping me step up my social media game. For a long time I felt like nothing I posted got seen by anybody other than my mom and boyfriend LOL. I started following all the tips and my IG engagement has BLOWN up. I literally went from getting 60-100 likes on posts to getting thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments. I’ve never boosted a post and I’ve grown my following so much in the past couple months and I’m so excited because they’re not just randoms, they’re actually very niche-specific and super engaged. Thank you again so much!"


How To Visually Structure Your Content To Standout

There are only 3 pillars you need your social content to follow. These are the same three pillars you’ll now notice in the BossBabe feed that I’ve used to grow to 3M+ followers. We'll give you our framework with these templates so you can do the same to your own social profile.

Comes in a bundle of 100+ Instagram templates in Canva Walk away with a full understanding of how to leverage the BB3 System, the secret content pillars behind our viral growth, and how to implement it on your own profile


Create A Cohesive Feed With Polish

You’re good at what you do but that doesn’t include design. A good, polished feed seems to have an inexplicable quality to it and you’re either born knowing what that is... or forced to pay a lot to attain otherwise. But no more! We’re going to show you our secret formula for planning and posting a polished feed.

Walk away with the Polished Posting Formula that has grown BossBabe into a 3 million+ follower brand

Understand the simplicity of growing and maintaining a curated, branded social media presence


Plan And Post Viral Content In A Fraction Of The Time

Sustainable growth not only comes from having the right tools (like templates and planners), but in establishing systems that allow you to leverage those resources. That’s why we’re also including our tried-and-true Batching Workflow, so you can plan and post your viral content in a fraction of the time.

Batch produce your viral content in a fraction of the time so you can focus on serving your clients and growing your business

​Walk away with a workflow that allows you to stay in the zone and defeat content creation fatigue before it starts



Sheena now has 10k+ followers!


"Before, my audience didn't exist. I was starting from nothing...now I have an engaged community not only on IG (1100+ followers & 20-30 comments on most posts) but have been able to grow a private Facebook group in a short amount of time from 0-700+ all of ambitious mamas."


Canva Mini Training Tutorial

Sure these templates look amazing.. but they’re not in your colors, right? And even though you hear how easy it is to change colors up in Canva, you’re afraid your lack of design will inhibit you from owning these with your own brand style. We got you covered and will teach you how to easily customize these to seamlessly match your style.

Customize and batch your templates to match your brand ​​Set up your templates for efficiency so all you have to do is swap content and hit publish


Behind-the-scenes look at BossBabe’s Top 15 Posts

In this brand new BossBabe bonus, we’re stepping out of the classroom to give you a behind-the-scenes look at BossBabe’s top 15 performing posts so you can see firsthand how everything in the Insta Influence Kit integrates together.

Use the BTS Performance Posts to analyze and understand our process ​Leverage our viral content bank as a swipe file so you can duplicate results for yourself


Low-tech method to growing a flourishing social brand

We grew BossBabe to 3M with nothing more than a free phone app (we didn’t know Canva existed yet!). Using a handful of apps and a tragically simple tech stack, we grew a viral account, a million dollar brand, and accomplished back-to-back multi-six figure launches. All from our phones. We're going to show you exactly how to get started the easy way so you can be on your way to doing the same.

​The only social media apps you need to keep it simple while getting results ​Walk away with a complete understanding of what it takes to get started on social (it's easier than you think!)

Instagram is changing on a daily basis. The algorithm is getting increasingly stricter as to which type of content gets the most eyes... and what types fall to the bottom of the feed. Which means the 13 Millisecond Test is only getting harder and harder to pass.

The bar is continually raised for personal brands and businesses looking to grow on social media, so, unless you’re already implementing the BB3 System, including a polished feed aesthetic, you’re going to be left behin.

You’ll have to work 10x harder in the future to get the traction that this Insta Influence Kit could give you right now.

And if we’re being honest? We both know this is about more than just pretty graphics on a social media platform. This is a proclamation that you believe in yourself, that you are ready to stand up and share your message, and give it the graphics and presentation it needs to spread.

Allowing something as simple as graphics or a confusing feed aesthetic to stand in your way is only going to stunt your growth. Your million dollar message will atrophy if you wait until you can afford a designer (or until the one you like becomes available).

You have the power, the belief, and very soon, the tools to share your million dollar message right now.

Join our community of 500k+ women who have trusted us to help them grow on Instagram

"I have doubled my revenue for my label. I was able to organically increase the reach to 29K on one post and had 2,000 brand new followers by the end of the month."


Yes! This is everything you need to create an irresistible feed that elevates your message to grow a high-impact social presence. From the graphics, to the tutorials, to the batching and planning. The Social Media Template Bundle is going to set you up for success.

Do people find you online? Do you want to continue attracting clients through modern tactics like internet searches? Then, YES! This will still work for you. If you want growth, audience growth and revenue growth, creating that branded experience in your profile is an important touchpoint to include, no matter what type of business you have..


Everything you need is already included in the bundle. We like to make things simple for you so you won’t have to go tracking down random pieces of software or advice. 😉

While we’ve been intentional to include everything we possibly can to ensure your success with the Insta Influence Kit, support is not included. If you find yourself needing feedback, accountability, or implementation support, you might look into the Société Membership we’ve established just for this type of support.

Maybe. 😉 If you let us know what types of templates you’d like to see in the future, we might consider it!

Not officially, but you can use the #BossBabe hashtag to connect with thousands of other BossBabes building their empires alongside you!

Yes! An email to access your new BossBabe account will be sent immediately after purchase so you can login, download the templates, and dive into the material you needed to get started.

internet searches? Then, YES! This will still work for you. If you want growth, audience growth and revenue growth, creating that branded experience in your profile is an important touchpoint to include, no matter what type of business you have..

Due to the nature of these digital assets, there is no guarantee. For more information on our policies, please read our Terms & Conditions. We’re giving you everything you need to plug and play so your success entirely depends on your ability to implement.

If you’re not trained in design, creating even a simple asset in photoshop could take HOURS to perfect for an IG post. Compare that with the simplicity of just plugging your content into something ready for you that can be polished for posting…in MINUTES.

We hear you! And you’re not alone! It’s because of feedback like this that we decided to include both the Canva mini training AND the Polished Planner! While the Canva training gives you full confidence in your ability to style the templates to your own brand, the Polished Planner will help you see the bigger visual picture so each post can work together to create an experience within your feed. We got you!

We fully believe Social Media Template Bundle is the best place to start when you don’t know where to start. But if you’re ready for more in-depth training about how to grow and monetize an audience of followers on Instagram, check out our signature course Insta Growth Accelerator.

Total Value $222

Retail Price $97

Today’s Price: $37

In the next few minutes, you'll get set up in our BossBabe member's area to start downloading the Insta Influence Kit and diving into tutorials. By the end of the afternoon, you'll have calibrated the templates to your brand style and be well on your way to your first batching session. 🥂

Your brand is about to get more noticed in the next few weeks with this template pack and I'm so excited for you to take this bold step in sharing your message!

Most importantly, I'm thrilled that you're taking this step as an act of belief in that message. Actions get results and this is a huge action that's going to bring BIG RESULTS
See you on the inside!



Pass The 13 Millisecond Test Once And For All

Total Value $222

Retail Price $97

Today’s Price: $37


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